Tracking your new Sick Time usage...

153 Days until the Last Jedi...

So my Arizona Padawan’s, now that you have to give the employees paid sick time, how is keeping track of it going? Use the force!

Or create a ready-made report in QuickBooks anyway. Bring up the “Paid Time Off List” (from the “Employee & Payroll Report” drop–down menu in QuickBooks). A few things to keep in mind:

  1. There is no date range on this report, so it is showing you everything (up until the date the report was run).

  2. If they have used some of the sick time, the report will show it HOWEVER, if you have set a max number of hours QuickBooks will allow the employee to accrue hours back to the max number you set. So if an employee has used 8 hours of the Sick time, QuickBooks would allow them to build their balance back up to 24 even though you are only required by law to pay them for another 16.

It would be a wise Padawan who checked this type of report BEFORE approving any sick time requests.

May the force be with you!


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