The Time to start Changing is now...

99 days till the Last Jedi!! (As of this post)

Can you believe it’s September? October is the beginning of the LAST QUARTER of 2017!! The time to start change is now…

One of the things I enjoy besides bringing order to people’s QuickBooks issues is helping coach a local swim team. Shout out to Cienega High School…go Bobcats!

The season is just beginning and we always have a few kids that need to learn how to swim for competition, not just fun and survival. They need to get good at flip turns, pay more attention to what their arms do, position of their hands in the water, things like that. One of the things I try to stress every practice is, NOW is the time to learn and get good with these habits, NOT during a swim meet.

Many business owners and office managers have things they want to implement. NOW is the time to start practicing and learning those new improvements and procedures, NOT in January. To be clear, IF your goal is to “Start the year off right” or “Hit the ground running” as they say, this is your time.

Online Banking, Job-Costing, Generating the Reports you need, these should be staples in your business already (in my Jedi opinion) but what if you just didn’t know how, or haven’t invested the time to learn? What if there were more to QuickBooks than the check register???

Learn new you things you must! Ease of Navigation, QuickReports, Customizing, these are the ways of the Jedi, between now and the end of the year, begin your training. Learn the power of efficiency to improve how you handle your business. Sometimes you must unlearn what you have learned to move forward…so act quickly and with purpose!

Before you know it, Thanksgiving will be here (you will be able to tell from all the Christmas decorations you see…) and once the Christmas season begins, its New Year’s before you blink…

Be on the lookout for a few free Lunch & Learns put out by your QBJedi and let’s get this learning party started.


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